At Santa Maria Seeds we pride ourselves in getting real-time trial results to our suppliers and customers. We strive to implement the latest technology on our product development system. This allows us to systematically evaluate and track performance trends in our trialing. From a field, one tap on a mobile device sends data to our customers and suppliers the moment an evaluation is completed. This immediacy allows for better informed production decisions for our suppliers. For our customers this means we can quickly find solutions to best fit their needs, including the appropriate disease resistance, highest yield and most desired cultural traits.

Santa Maria Seeds has offices in Santa Maria, King City, Salinas, Coachella, Brawley California, and Yuma Arizona and offers the full range of vegetable seed, most of which are tested and selected for viability and competitiveness in each of these growing regions. We also specialize in cover crop (biofumigants/green manure) and special mixes for pasture.

We are dedicated to the success of our customers. We provide them with seed that has been selected through trial in multiple regions from the diverse genetics of our 20 plus suppliers. Our product development provides not only selected varieties but all information associated with those varieties such as harvest periods and days to maturity.

Meet Our Team

Santa Maria / Oxnard

Manny Silva III Owner/President 805 922-5757
Kelly Silva Owner/Secretary-Treasurer 805 680-0432
Marty St. Denis Sales 805 310-2003
Mike Ruffoni Sales 805 276-6323
Cheyne Torres Sales 805-478-6482
Pat Trigueiro Purchasing/Customer Service/Sales 805 310-2004
Jonathan John Product Development Director 805 310-2006
Kim Morales Accounting 805 922-5757
Shelley Carpenter Purchasing/Customer Service 805 922-5757
Aaron Gomez Warehouse/Administrative 831 521-9417
Meagan Rojas Receptionist/Administrative 805 922-5757
Tess Spain PD/Sales 559-707-3182

King City / Salinas

Britt Davis Sales Branch Manager 831 229-2465
Mike Silva Sales 831 595-0102
Jillian Rubbo Sales 831 970-4956
Eric Bravo Salinas Valley Product Development Manager 831 737-0718
Josh Eaton Product Development 831 737-6311
Max Miller Warehouse Manager / Inventory Control 831 809-8029
Juan Guzman Warehouse/Delivery 831 601-9239
Joe Castro Warehouse / Delivery 831 261-5645

Yuma / Imperial

Chad Hefner Sales Branch Manager 928 215-9954
Justin Lewis Sales 928 246-3411
Heather Stroud Sales 805 610-0827
Charley Kemp Sales 760 996-7085
Tyler Mead Sales / Product Development 928 446-5573
Jose Pablo Zazueta Product Development - Yuma Production Area 928 236-4340
Aaron Cadena Product Development - Yuma Production Area 928-580-9958
Jerry Arce Product Development - Imperial/Coachella Production Area 760 562-8673‬
Phil Maag Product Development - Imperial/Coachella Production Area 760 831-7603
Hunter Singh Product Development 760-550-0255

San Joaquin Valley

Dave Lynch Visalia Field Seed Sales 559 909-0436